Wednesday, 30 March 2016

My dream on the big stage

On the stage
of Christchurch
the world holds still for a second, 
But the oaks clap their leaves. 

Every night, 
the blue ballerina shines, 
no longer
covered and cowering alone. 

Up top lights dim,
the music starts,
You feel the rhythm beneath you,
The world’s lights dim slowly, steadily, silently. 
The horses wait alone for their master.

The bustle of enthusiastic talk, 
which you sense is,
Clinging to the water's edge.

Everyone talks 
as if in a wonderland
with hope as guidance.
completely unaware 
of the world,
Slanting shafts of sunlight 
poke through the windows.

Tense excitement
and magic hold the audience 
the leaves twist and fold, 
the stars collide with hope.

Farther down, 
you get a whiff of tram. 
malodorous, foul, 
while another car pollutes the air.

The heart of hope touches me,
tears glittering inside a silky feeling,
which halts in the rhythm, 
twinkles, a silent symphony. 
While the flowers bloom a million times.

While carving words, 
You glimpse talent 
in the tui’s everlasting dance.

The launching, 
uneven slope,
shines glossy silver,
While the pukeko bows her head up down 
in the front row.

Just around the bend, 
fresh lush grass meets 
shallow sparkling water.

In the park,
the beaming sun hopes to perform,
while old gums sway in the cool breeze. 
Wekas sway, enchanted.

Mum and I sit in the rows, 
waiting, watching, silent with amazement,
We glimpse another path, 
understanding the way at that moment. 

All through Christchurch
the excited chirps, 
bounce off the walls.

Theatre Royal 
in Otautahi 
is where the world of 
art lights up.

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