Thursday, 10 March 2016

The wolf

Howling, whining to the moon, 
- a whale sound. 

Peril makes a mist of loneliness around me, 
a willow tree all alone in a patch.

My rough tongue pants out pink, 
a dog's tongue.

Those tears in my amber eyes, 
drip small droplets on my black nose, 
a soldier coming home from war. 

My coat glistens with sweat shimmering, 
a mirror of ice sparkles from the sun.

Melancholy No one comes,
a cicada all alone.

What did I do? Why me?
What happened? Was I put to sleep?
Where's my pack?

I am a wolf.

This artwork is being held at the Christchurch art gallery this artwork was done by Niel Pardington 

What I am learning? 
How to make a poem from a picture and to not use random words and to plan it out.

How am I going?
I am on a relational level because I have more than three ideas and I understand it. 

What is my next step? 
I need to work on my word structure and sentence structure when it comes to this type of poetry.


  1. Lovely language Lilly my fav line is those teats on my amber eyes,drip small
    Droplets on my black nose,a solider coming back from war. It's lovely by Lilly

  2. I love all your poems they would inspire every child keep up the good work my fav line is probably has to be the same as Ayva but still it's really lovely and I would bet that my whole family would love this🙂


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