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Family forgiveness

Family forgiveness!!!!

Written by: Lily-Grace Saunders



1 author's notes
2: prologue
Chapter 1: Woken at 4
Chapter 2: The playdate
Chapter 3: The pup 
Chapter 4: The dairy
chapter 5: Home at last

author's notes
I hope you enjoy this story!!!!!
It is fiction. it has taken me two years and a bit.

The beginning of my story 

Hi, my name’s Hannah. This is my story I hope you enjoy it. This story is how our family reunited. Now we will move on to where I got my name. I am named after my grandma who was originally from Scotland. Her name was Alisa Hannah Bell. 

Chapter 1

Woken at 4

2015, in a creaky old house. There lived a beautiful young girl named Hannah. Hannah hated the house. It had one window in the attic was an old library. She was sick of this. A couple of months after she was born, her mother died. 15 years later her father had fallen ill. He became too weak to look after her. She didn't really know her mum since she passed away.  

Hannah's only living relatives she dreaded and had never meet once. But with no other living relatives they had left her no choice. She had been forced to go and live with Aunt May, Uncle Mac there charming boys (her cousins) Harry and Joe and her older sister Flora. Her sister had moved away when she was six she had moved into their home and she was now 17 she had been living with them for eleven years. Flora lived with them because she blamed Hannah for her mum's death. Of course, it wasn’t her fault, Everyone must die. 

Hannah never had any fun there. She could go outside but she could not horse ride or do anything she enjoyed. So she buried herself deep in a book to pass the time. Unlike her charming sister and her uncle and aunt's two sons, Hannah had a free spirit and hated being indoors. 

Her sister was a nuisance and Hannah did not dare say it but she knew Joe and Harry both liked her. It had not been long ago she was coming back from the library with a new selection of books (of course when Hannah was supposed to be in bed but she could not resist the temptation her bedtime at 9:00 clock not unreasonable I suppose) but she heard them squabbling Hannah did not hear much but she heard this
 “I Liked her first Harry she's mine"
"No buts I like Flora and you know it” 
Hannah quickly scurried off into her bedroom to think what she had heard over. Hannah on the other hand to her sister was not liked but instead hated very much almost loathed.  
From the first moment she set eyes on the door she had felt like an outsider.  The poor thing couldn't even ride horses her favorite thing along with books thank goodness she was allowed to do that when she wasn't cleaning up after Harry, Joe and Uncle Mac. 

"Wake up wake up you lazy girl,” 

"Yes Aunty May” Hannah groaned. 

Hannah than heard Uncle Mack say “Hurry up I want my breakfast.” 

Then Aunty May chimed in “You have double chores plus homework and don't you forget you start a new school today.” 

Hannah got up and changed into one of her oldish clothes suitable for doing the jobs she had been given. She got started. First, she had to muck out the stables and then she scrubbed the floor and on with the jobs Hannah had been given she went. 

So once she had finally finished doing all the chores that she had to do today.
“Here is your school uniform by the way it cost a fortune” sniffed aunty May.

“Thanks” cried Hannah in happiness 

“But what about the books” said Hannah confused

“Here you stupid spoilt little pig by the way they are second hand and man do I absolutely hate spending a fortune on you failure you will never make a living I don't know why we took you in, in the first place you would be much better in the orphanage hemp” a very scornful sounding aunty 

“That child that child” grumbled Aunty May. 

Meanwhile, while Hannah was getting ready for school, Harry, Joe, and Flora her older sister they were planning on making life at school as miserable for Hannah as possible. Talking to a few of their classmates they planned a wickedly mean entrance to school as mean as possible. 

The moment she walked through the school gates, she heard 

"Hannah is stupid Hannah is stupid” being repeated again and again and again. 

She headed to the classroom where she went to meet her new teacher. All through class, Hannah was dreading morning tea what would the kids think? It was at morning tea she was crying quietly to herself behind the big main building being in the smallest corner possible. BOO suddenly she burst into floods of tears silent tears and thought to herself could the day get any worse? Then the sound of Joe and Harry's hoarse laughter. The two meanest and well-known school bullies in all of the school both of her cousins. 

In other words not counting the bullies school was good. The teachers were kind and gentle. Her favorite one Mr. Hollow had said she was super smart and that she could almost do anything in the world. 

Hannah had even made one new friend whose name was Alice Smith boy she was lovely she had invited her round for dinner she had said she could not come. Aunty and Uncle expected her home right away though little was she to know things had changed massively at her home well her Aunts and Uncles house anyway. Saying a lovely goodbye to her new best friend at the school gate she zipped her bag up. 

Feeling down she trudged home hard in thought to her aunts and uncles home - or as far as she was concerned, the house where nothing interesting happened. But she was wrong quite wrong.

Chapter 2

The  play date

The days had passed. More mishaps and incidents had happened at school. Like the spiders on her seat, after the break which Flora had dropped at the break when the teachers had been in the staffroom. Then there had been the snake incident, man did Hannah hate snakes, she shivered just thinking about them. 

But the teachers were not worried about Hannah being bullied. They were actually worried about the disturbance it brought to the class. The teachers later found out who the culprits were because they found Flora, Harry, and Joe were found in a nearby bush  busy laughing their necks out. Hannah was absolutely delighted when they got a detention. 

But that just made them even more determined to bully her but not at school this time, at home. But worst of all they got away with it.  Except for that, she loved almost everything about the school. 

But that didn't stop them at home for making her life miserable. No way. They found even better ways to tease her. After all, at home no one would or could be bothered to tell them off. 
When Hannah got home at 4:00 pm she was shocked her room was an empty space. 

“Where's my stuff,” asked a puzzled Hannah 

“In you new bedroom of course” replied a stiff-sounding Aunty May. 

“What new bedroom where is it” 

“Dear child follow me” Cried Uncle Mack with no enthusiasm whatsoever. 

“Here is the outside and now the in you can move the rest of your bits and bobs in” and with that uncle mack tottered off. 

“Thanks” murmured Hannah 

what would Alice say? the date was marched the 2 and there were only 4 days till Hannah's birthday Alice had invited her round to her house and her guardians had said yes! Off they trudged

Down butterfly lane flowers on their side not a car in site. 

“It's beautiful it reminds me of Scotland,” sighed Hannah dreamily 

“The cottage is just up ahead I think it is like a wonderland look there's the house,” a cheery sounding Alice replied. 

After about an hour of reading, afternoon tea and chatting she had to go Alice would be coming over to her house very soon to hang out. Hannah skipped home happily and she felt a bubbling excitement this was the beginning. 

Alice was really a best friend forever no a best friend for life. But the thing Hannah liked the most was her friend was not proud or arrogant. Her house is better than theirs but who cares. It was not nearly as hideous as her aunts house and harbour for that matter. 

“Hey Hannah I nearly forgot here is my birthday party come please you will be the only one coming and we'll be going to pan in the fan. I guess it is not much of a party if it is just you and me but anyway do come please or else I will spend it all by myself at the tea shop”

 “You mean that absolutely wicked looking a cafe?”

 “That's the one! so please come.” 

“I don't know what my uncle and aunt will say but  will try my best Alice I promise they weren't very keen on me coming today but I will do my best for you because you are a great friend. Alice, you know that don't you.”

Chapter 3
The pup

Hannah had managed to convince her guardians to let her go to the party but she had to do double chores for two weeks. 

“Hardly fair yet why do they always pick on me, what about stuck up Flora.”  grumbled Hannah.

Finally, the day came she dressed in her nicest dress she could find (not that she had many) and went to meet her friend at Pan in Fan! She could barely contain her excitement - this was her first time
 “Ahh hh hh” 
about two hours later of confused waiting she went to the telephone booth and with the little bit of money she had been given called Alice's number. Alice's mum picked up 

“Oh Hannah I am sorry she is sick"
 "Oh okay”. 

As she walked home she saw a puppy with ears too big for it walking alongside her. It sat on the pavement, and Hannah instantly fell in love with it. She checked for a collar there wasn't one.

 “Oh a stray dog that's okay, she can be my pet. I will name you Haya”  

For once she was not bothered what her relations said. This puppy was like her, alone and frightened. She would adopt it. No matter what protests were given. She kept Haya in her bedroom well everywhere soon you could not separate them at all even school wasn't such a nightmare. 
The pup saved Hannah's life! Hannah was planning on leaving with Haya to escape to her Grandmas she wasn't sure how but she would. Little did she know that her plans would be ruined. 

That night I don't know why I recall it so well maybe it was the dog or the storm but I never made it the day I planned to go. If I had I would've been killed. the storm was a massive one unbelievable big they now call the storm Holly. I had my bags all packed that's for sure I was ready it was around 6 when it started the storm. We lived close to the sea Haya barked so loud that I had to wear ear muffs to block out the sound. it wrecked the stable swept down hills I would not run away after this now not ever! the house shook and slammed it was a disaster nearly destroyed.

Chapter 4

The dairy

The storm went on for months it just happened school was closed. In those dark gloomy months of the storm, I read and played and did my chores. 

Those months were lonely for me no Alice my best friend for life. Haya was the only one who cared. On one of these days, Haya was so cold that she was wearing the outfit I had knitted her she looked cute. 

Then on one of these days, I noticed a small book tucked into the bookcase a leather book hard and small. I opened the page it was Aunty may's diary I ran to my room click  click my fingers locked.

Property of May Plymouth 

Dear diary 
Today was my birthday I turned 16. I was finally given a book Alone and sad cold, Tom has the warmest room I have the attic I freeze in winter. Tom bullied me and mum said it was my fault I'm going to bed.

Dear diary 
I am sorry I have not written I lost you. Today I found a dog in the alley I called it Isabelle she is the only one who cares. Mum made me do extra work. Tom got to play.

Dear diary
This book is almost full it only has 6 pages. today Isabelle died I cried and cried Tom bullied me again.

Dear diary
My last thing is I am leaving I have been bullied all the time he was always a favourite and mum treats me bad come on a diary. When he has a child if they are like me and he has to live with me I will not like them. I don't want to remember the past because it hurts me. rolling out. 

The end

All good times must end may god be with me to bless my soul and find a love beautiful and deep.

Dear diary
I found a little bit of room I don't like Hannah it hurts to think of her.

Hannah closed the book she finally understood her Aunty didn't like her not because of who she was but because it reminded her of who she used to be. No wonder she had to tell Aunty May she was sorry. 

Slowly cautiously she walked up to her Aunty doing laundry taking a deep breath the words fluttered out. 

“I'm sorry Aunty may for reminding you of the past.” 
Aunty may look up a small smile “you're not like the others I'm sorry” 

her eyes twinkled with affection this only happens to Flora. 

Chapter 5

Home at last 

“You want to go home follow me”  

Aunty May walked to her bedroom pressed a button a bubble appeared

  “Say your house it will take you there” 
"Thank you Aunty May I won't forget you but just one last thing my stuff” 
“Here it is” 
“You keep the bird it was my mums before she 48 Avenue Scotland” 

with that a sensation blew the wind howled and all was silent. Hannah opened the attic door she was home at the very top of the attic. “Dad dad dad dad” going downstairs she learnt that a note had been left 

Dear Hannah

If you are reading this, if May showed you the bubble, I am in the hospital I will be home at around 1:00 at 16/4/2015 please have dinner ready I am sorry I'm not here I feel bad for bullying May.


Hannah was shocked so it was true all evidence suggested it. Her dad came home tomorrow thank goodness. 

When her dad arrived home she found Flora with him 

“Flora what are you doing her” 
without saying a word her older sister just ran up to her and  flung herself into a cuddle “I'm sorry Hannah please forgive” there were tears streaking down her face. 
“ I do and I know that you're heart is pure you just needed guidance”. 

Over the next summer, Alice came around they had the time of their life's. One day the other family knocked at the door

 “May I was in the wrong after all these years.” 
"We want to restart” 
“Me to”  
so finally Hannah's family was complete grandma made an entrance her friend and her are still best friends life is perfect.

The end

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