Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Horse riding there beautiful!

I stood up staring with love right back in his eyes waiting waiting, we're were my senses, no we're they were lost I trusted him and he trusted me. Of all the ridiculous thing his eyes stood out to me satin on a chair. I'm lost in the wonderland not any but his heart I know it sounds ridiculous but I see his heart and he saw mine. But of the things in his heart I could see it through the eyes. But this world was mine and his alone.

The uneven driveway twists and folds I feel my body squealing. Hurry up we're nearly there! 
My stomach twinkles like a million stars this is going to be great, horses are my favourite animal. We slowly make our way up the driveway, we get closer and closer and closer yay how much farther?  It stops not long now I cannot wait much longer I feel like I will burst! can we get on the horse yet? 

I quickly take one step after the other the beauty horse is breathtaking there beautiful just as I dreamed wow except a thousand times more. The eyes make me hold my breath they if you knew otherwise they twinkle like diamonds except 300 times more. They look gentle and calm coaxing me closer will I ride him? There beauty makes me feel free where do I belong? His hinting is like a pathway with hope all around oh how I wish he was mine!

 Calm down that horse is a wonder to you.

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