Wednesday, 18 May 2016

I am not a midget

I am not a midget.

Being called a midget had three effects on me. One, it made me feel small and frightened. Second, it made me feel unsure of myself, but it also made me feel even more determined to prove to them that even though I'm small, I can still do anything.

Everything was hard and tiring at first, putting my all into everything. It still is, but hope and determination led me through and it still does everyday of my life. I never deemed to tell anyone I just didn't have the guts. But the bullying didn't stop there. They pushed it. People still do. I had to prove them wrong - I chose the hard way.

The stars seemed so far away and it was as if they clashed together like pearls floating in uneven circles. My imagination expanded and I soon found myself reading in the library alone. I had always loved books but Imogen was the one who really showed me books. Not through words, but through actions. She was there everyday like me, and soon I looked up to her and when she moved I moved. I got my new nickname, Mini Imogen. I liked feeling free with a book. It was at the end of the year. I was in year 2... well she was in year 6. I made her a gift and came to her classroom and I got my cuddle.

I remember those days when my friends seemed so far away. I grabbed a book and just read but that all changed when I met another girl. I was fighting myself in my mind. I couldn't have another heartbreak, but eventually my heart won. We grow everyday in friendship and I vowed to myself to not let it slip.

I learnt that nice things can come in small packages.



  1. Now I feel bad about being tall...
    I love this (by the way sorry if I have ever called you small, I didn't want to be mean if I have)! And you do prove that you can do anything. I really enjoy playing games with you at morning tea and lunch time and you're really good at acting! And writing! I felt quite bad after I read this and I went to a playground, and an adult said 'you're quite big for your age!'
    I really like the things you put on your blog. :P

  2. A wonderful piece of writing Lily. Moving and poetic. You have nothing to prove to anyone you know, you are wonderful as you are. Is the Imogen you're referring to in this writing Imogen Pickering?


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