Sunday, 1 May 2016

My art learning

Arts reflection 

This term we have been working on the arts. I have been learning how to use GarageBand to record a soundscape. I expressed my learning of my music to show through on a poem I had written on the theatre Royal and other places around Christchurch. Music really is a universal language; you can communicate it anywhere.

My soundscape is at extended abstract because I can use three or more ideas, I can give you the reason why I chose these and what they represent, a message through my music slinks through silent as a mouse. Which has a beat down by a table, a rhythm through small symbols when a clashed them together in different ways each time, and at last but not least an ostinato on my piano. I repeated the same piece of music again and again. Did I mention I also used tone colors which means to use different instruments? As an example of what the piano, symbols and a table mean, the table represents my beat, to keep everything in time but it also represents the music you feel beneath you on the stage of the Isaac Theatre Royal. My cymbals represent other things around Christchurch such as the park. Last but not least my piano represents when people come and perform, like the Russian ballet company - it represents the music. 

This learning has helped me because it makes me feel closer to music because I already have a bond but it has made me make me understand it even more. Also because I now know there is a way to communicate with everyone from other countries it means that people can finally understand one another. Another talent I now feel stronger in is managing my time because we had not much time to do it.

I love to write because, well, I just do and I think all this will lead up to help me to get more ideas for stories because this has really helped me to have a growth mindset and think deeper and harder to problem solve when I most need to because a app called aurasma was very hard and frustrating but I finally got something out of it.

Overall this has been a success because it has stopped me from having such a fixed mindset because there was a lot of tasks and not a long time so I have learnt when to really put my all into ALL THE TIME!

This is my poem on my soundscape 

This is my picture 

This is my soundscape 

You can listen well you read my poem
My dream on the big stage

On the stage
 of Christchurch
 the world holds still for a second, 
the oaks clap their leaves. 

Every night, 
the blue ballerina shines, 
no longer
 covered and cowering alone. 

Up top lights dim,
the music starts,
You feel the rhythm beneath you,
The world’s lights dim slowly, steadily, silently. 
The horses wait alone for their master.

The bustle of enthusiastic talk, 
which you sense is,
serenely, oblivious, twinkles, 
a silent symphony. 

Tense excitement
 magic holds the audience 
the leaves twist and fold, 
the stars collide with hope.

Farther down, 
you get a whiff of tram 
malodorous, foul, 
a car pollutes the air.

The heart of hope touches me,
tears glittering inside a silky feeling,
 tears halt in the rhythm, 
the flowers bloom a million times.

While carving words you trace, 
glimpsing talent 
in the tui’s everlasting dance.

The launching, 
uneven slope, shines glossy silver,
 the pukeko bows her head up down 
in the in the front row.

Just around the bend, 
fresh lush grass, 
 shallow sparkling water.

In the park,
beaming suns,
old gums sway in the cool breeze, 
weka sways melancholy.

Mum and I sit in the rows, 
waiting, watching, silent with amazement,
we glimpse another path, 
understanding the way at that moment. 

Just around Christchurch 
the excited chirps, 
bounce off the walls.

Theatre Royal 
in Otautahi 
is where the world of 
art lights up.

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