Wednesday, 8 June 2016


I stand shivering,
on frozen turf,
 is this Antarctica?

But seconds before,
 it was boiling,
It's snowing?

Wait a second now
I'm going mad,
oh well it is snowing outside.

oh Antarctica
my blessed dear Antarctica.

With love for guidance 
with every new fold and challenge, 
you will face
 I will be close, 
Antarctica my dear.

The blizzard swarms,
 around me cold and freezing,
 the penguins’ toes must be cold.

 Are people in Antarctica
 shivering and cold
while I'm inside snug, warm 
wondering about Antarctica
Hope swirls in my head.

Dedicated to Gabriella  Rodgers 

I got inspiration from  a wonderful friend named Gabby whose sentence goes like this 
“there's just a touch of sun in the air. Am I in Antarctica? So I wrote a poem on Antarctica!
Here's Gabriella blog

By Lily-Grace


  1. It was lovely.
    I think a good verse. I loved it when you said I'm inside snug, warm hope swirls in my head.
    I can not wait till you post something new.

  2. I love this piece of writing it gave me shivers. I like how you described how cold it is because it really did build a picture in my mind. For some reason when you said the penguins toes must be cold it reminded me of my cat snuggled up by the fire. When I get home and see my cat she will remind me of your writing great job lily -grace


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