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Land of supreme


By Lily- velvet Turnbull Rosa Robert and Lily-Grace Saunders

Plan of characters 
 Chapter 1 The unicorn 
chapter 2 friends 
chapter 3 victory


Names (unicorns):

Twins Rainbow Dash and Rainbow Twinkle are children

“(adults) Rainbow Spark (male) Stella (female)

Name tiger: 
(kids) Ash Ona Chunky Chunga
(mum) Lucy 

(hunter) John Smith
Kids Rose and Jake 

In the land of Supreme, life was perfect until the dreaded hunter came and destroyed nearly everything. But four unicorns lived hidden away in a isolated wonderland.

Then there were the three sumatran tigers who wanted, more than anything in the world, some lovely, forgiving, kind hearted, friends with best intentions who knew their minds.

The hunter however was after these beautiful animals and would stop at almost nothing to find any more.

Chapter 1

 The unicorn 

It all started on one classic Monday- school day. A group of bullies surrounded Rose, the hunter's daughter.
“So you’re saying you saw a unicorn?” They laughed as hard a hyenas.
“Yes! I did! I was going to spot a bunny rabbit when I saw a unicorn with my dad. He hunts unicorns and I saw a unicorn in the forest. I did, I did! It had a rainbow tummy and yellow fur with a red mane and a red tail and the horn was rainbow as well,” said Rose. 

“You are a liar! Everyone knows unicorns aren't real” shouted Monty.

 “I can explain every bit of it” sighed Rose. Rose thought to herself how come they do not believe in this magical story? Doesn't everyone? Or so she thought.  

 “They are there just shy” anguished Rose.

“Oooh I'm Rose and I believe in pixies and unicorns”  joined in Josh, in one of his high pitched sing song attempts of imitation. 

James sneered. “Still believe,” he jeered.
Roses heart sank. They still thought it was a made up story. They started cackling with laughter Rose thought they sound like pigs when they laugh they snort all over the place and all that got her giggling as well. Luckily the bullies didn't notice her over their loud laughing. After they walked round the corner, Rose started walking towards her class.

“Hey Rose can you take a photo of this unicorn of yours or can you not because they're not real” said Mark calling through the hall. The bully's walked off laughing to themselves.

Meanwhile, Jake, Rose's brother was having the same problem. The  bullies just wouldn't understand. He got irritated he thought “I'll show them” and as one of the bullies took him to the ground he aimed his punch. The nose was broken he walked home thinking “what will dad say when he finds out I am suspended?”

But for poor Rose the day dragged on as the sun slowly lowered after a long tiring work session the end of the day appears. Poor Rose, all on her own, finding out her brother was suspended was going to get her bullied tomorrow.

Rose and Jake's home was an old wood shed. It had old paint peeling off the sides with dried grass all around the Jagged sides. They had to pile dirt round the house so it stayed upright. It was still their perfect home.
“Dad, I've been suspended ”  grunted Jake.

“Great, you can help me... umm...with the chores around the house!... Well? Now that mum's gone I guess we're not very manly.”

Roses and Jakes mum died 3 years ago in the legendary forest. Well, that's what they called the forest anyway. She went for a walk in the forest and walked into a tree branch and got knocked out. A unicorn happened to be there and just as that happened. The hunter ran to see her and saw the unicorn standing up and May (the mum ) on the floor. Just at that moment May disappeared  and the unicorn flew away. From that day forward the hunter thought the unicorn killed May and now hunts them with his partners  for life. No one has seen May since.

Rose arrived home. The hunter knew Rose was home and shouted out “I have a surprise for you!”

“What is it, what is it?” Rose bounced.

“I'll show you” he said. He opened up his office.

“Tada!! SURPRISE!!” he bellowed. 

“The last unicorn “ sighed Rose. 

“Dad, that was the one I saw with you the other day when we went bunny hunting”

“There are four more to catch, I shall bring them tomorrow” their father chuckled. 

The kids walked to their room, sat on the bed and they suddenly cried “He will kill it!”

Jake and Rose cried together. They ran to his lab, but it was too late. There on the mat where the unicorn had stood was blood... unicorn blood.

 Chapter 2 


“There goes another one” sighed rainbow spark. 

“Are you ready for extinction?” said rainbow Stella, sadly. 

“NO! You're not ready for extinction!” said to small voices from a bush.

“Wow” said rainbow Stella. 

“Why did it just seem like we're in a movie?” again the little voice said. 

“We're  over here! Our names are Ona chunky chunga and ash. What's yours?”

“First of all I am not giving away my full name” said rainbow Stella angrily. 
Then it happens. Two hyperactive Tigers sprinted from behind the bush. 
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Screamed rainbow Stella. 
Suddenly a fully grown tiger roared “Ona! Chunky chunga Ash! Get here now!” 
“Yes mummy” the girls chorused. 

“Sorry about that. They ran off. I told you the humans are everywhere! Never run off again. Now let's go find some friends.”
They hung their heads shamefully not looking back.

“Wait, if you desire friends, we will be them!” 

The tigers well really the cubs  burst into song
 “I've been fighting for it all my life I've been seeking knowledge day and night cause that's when a superhero learns to fly every day every hour turn the pain into power” 

Meanwhile Rose stayed off school much to her relief when Jake and her saw tigers and unicorns together.

“A human!” the girls screamed. Lucy (the mother) roared a battle roar. 

“Run! She’ll kill us!” and with that they ran away to the legendary forest.

Chapter 3


As the mother ran she avoided the kids and ran to the hunter. With an icy blow she roared in triumph. The enemy was dead. 

Rose and Jake ran to their dead father and his partner. 
“No! Not dad! Why did they kill him?” 
To Rose’s surprise, she responded.
“Otherwise he would have killed us. It was a one way thing”
“But he was our father.”
Without another word a miracle happened. Suddenly the two kids transformed into unicorns. 

No one ever worried about the hunter because he and his partners were dead. 
The Tigers  all transformed into unicorns. 

They once again saw there mother as a unicorn and there farther for the hunter stole them forever. If they had stayed human for two more moons they would have died. For the rest of their days they lived in the secret hideout of the waterfall lagoon in the legendary forest. If you live or go to Spencerville and you believe in unicorns then you might just see one.

The end

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