Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Are you prejudice?

The lights of dawn

Imagine if the bustle of chit chattering talk bounds off the walls. The sounds were deafening compared to the quiet town you came from. As you walk out these motor things were monsters and yet people look so relaxed. A pain racked through my entire body, especially my heart. I felt mum’s shaking hands clutching mine. The twinkling, shimmering lights dazzled my view, they were so sparkly. Why are the lights so bright, shouldn't they be dimming?  As a boy came up to me then walked past sniggering I heard him whisper “she looks like an alien” my heart sank.

I believe we have an unknown hidden problem. Us kiwis are sometimes the best at being the worst. This problem I believe the majority of the population are not aware of. The reason is we try to cover it up to make our country New Zealand seem clean of our good name. Some immigrants 15 years or older reported experiencing some form of discrimination in the last twelve months. That equates to an estimated 343,000 New Zealanders. One of the most common ways to illustrate this prejudice is to sit and wait until it's too late. commenting on things like we're people are from your appearance and many many more because we decided it is time to slot in and stop standing out. 

Prejudice is pre judging people before you actually know them. We do it deliberately or by chance without even thinking, for whatever reason we feel the need to do it. I'm sure you have heard of things like racism and many others, what is the point in them - to blow up the world? I don't think so.
Some different types  of being prejudice are racism, stereotypes, news, tv people the list goes on It may not be the worst thing that happens but it still hurts. When people feel down we might take our chance to strike back. Otherwise we feel sorry and try to make it up to them. Though it can be very hard sometimes.
When a lady from Korea was walking through the park because she adored the sky because in Korea the buildings are so high and she was going out for a walk admiring the sky.  Some teenagers were busy following her making asian stereotype comments. She was shocked. We know that some amazing things were done by people of other skin colours. One was one of the greatest singers in all of history, Maria Carry. Rule 44 of Ruby Redfort by Lauren Child is don't judge a book by its cover. It is the same with humans (now if you are wondering what ruby redfort is well it is a young girl who is really really smart she is training to becoming her dream a secret agent!)
We are the future generation. We can change the way of prejudging people. Instead of making them weak, we can make them strong. We need to adapt to these changes. We must stop and make a judgement before we say anything and act. Prejudging is poisoning yourself and others. Make friendships don't destroy them for who they are (but their personality). We will destroy ourselves if we carry on like this. Overall, try your best to hold off and like the old saying: “If you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all”. Immigrants are all human in fact we're all human why do we treat each other differently?

Most Immigrants do feel welcome, so what makes them welcome? Well you're about to find out.  We’re all curious about it so why not sit back relax and READ. If you see someone new, approach them by saying hello, be casual like they are a friend. Don't forget to smile but most importantly include them. Some new community actions could be having a service to help immigrants when they get off the plane maybe some welcoming tea and coffee treating them the same are we all human?  There was once a girl who was from Iran. She had good and bad times like all people but one o. Maybe plan an official welcome with these ideas. Go brainstorm new ones with your friends. These are all ways to make people feel welcome but what about the bad experiences.

Immigrants don't always feel welcome. Sometimes they feel alienated. It must be a little off-putting every time you walk through the street when you get adults frowning at you from all sides. you feel like you have hundreds of eyes penetrating into the back of you scalp. Or you get kids running away on the playground laughing and teasing. Then you see a girl snigger as she whispers something in her friend's ear that drifts through the wind right into your face. Sometimes you may see girls coming over. The leader of this gang walks forward “you got a bomb in your lunchbox there? Your clothes look funny” then she pretends to walk straight through you. Then you get a boy staring to start sniggering, acting out your every move. When you’re trying to copy their accent and language that would really get your face red. 

There was a woman from South Korea. They came to New Zealand in want of change. With them stacked with work they wanted a balanced lifestyle. Her husband wanted to be closer to his family. She didn't feel sad leaving because she can come back and see her family through skype. She loved the sky because the buildings were so high in the city  you had to be in the countryside to see it. People were friendly most of the time through family connections and church. Although one time some teenagers started making fun of Asians and making stereotypes. Something both groups (South Korea and New Zealand) enjoy are nature and sports. The culture is so different so try really hard to include non kiwis because adults love to see their kids happy. Make sure you make other kids feel welcome not lonely. But kiwis are generally welcoming. These are pretty nasty things we're talking about and seriously this isn't funny if that was your attitude. But there's is always a way with love kindness and gentleness.

Overall, adapting is one of the most important things in all of human nature. As I said we cover up our good name which I hope you are now aware of, is not so good. Yes I am aware there are problems in every country but New Zealand is the first step. Kate Shepherd once said “All that separates, whether of race, class, creed or sex, is inhuman, and must be overcome”. Thanks to Kate Shepherd, women now have the vote and the rest of the world are slowly following. Albert Einstein once quoted “imagination is more important than knowledge.” This is the pure truth. But to achieve the day you must start it yourself. Treat people the same by making a conversation. Carry the wave of kindness wherever you go. Your community could get together by inviting them into your friend groups the more the merrier. Saying nice things keep your head up high for we are learning our story's the story of Canterbury. Six generations onwards and this world could be full of people playing violins. What I mean by that is we could be in a world full of joy with peace or maybe there are other human beings out there waiting for us to learn to be nice by destroying hate. Or the other option is that we send the world into complete and utter chaos. As Barack Obama once quoted from his own lips “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” This is a powerful, massive thing to say, but he is right because “life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain”. This quote is by Vivian Greene.  Now usually we get impressions from books or tv, friends family. But seriously if you have not met them you can't judge them. Once I was reading a book and it always seemed  the bad guy was wearing black. Is that right? Absolutely not, but we don't have the guts to say anything, so we stand watching idly while other people get tortured. Now it is up to you to make your decision about how you will make people feel.  I'm not forcing you to choose either one but put a lot of thought into it though no one knows what the future holds for sure.

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