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Respect a animal like you would want to be treated

My reflection

We as a class have been making speeches I wrote a speech called “respect an animal like you would want to be treated.” It is about respecting animals. I wanted to work on having a good speech structure that was powerful I am not sure if it was but I think it was powerful. For example making my ideas connect and flow.  I used language devices such as rhetorical questions, metaphors, exaggeration and many more. For example I said “how would you feel if I said there was a spider in your bed?” which is a rhetorical questions. It went well because I felt as I left the stage I really was connecting with my audience because when I finished there was silence. My structure was at relational this means my speech is well organised showing connections and flow between all important parts of my speech structure. My content was at relational as well this means my speech all ideas connect to the point of view and include factual information. Then last but not least was my language devices was at relational as well this means, I use several language devices to persuade and connect with my audience. Sentences are in the correct tense. I think and feel my presentation of my speech went well because I came onto the stage feeling confident and when I left the stage I felt my heart glowing with pride. Overall I feel my speech was a success.

Please click here to listen to my speech or read it below.

My speech

How would you feel if I said there was a Spider in your bed? What would you do? Maybe run outta the house screaming, or would you just let it stay there and wait for it to slowly leave? It has to leave eventually. Or would you kill the Spider? Or maybe have an adult kill it for you? But what if there was a dog in your bed? Would you kill the dog? Or maybe have an adult kill it for you? You wouldn't kill the dog, would you? WELL OF COURSE YOU WOULDN'T. Why do we value the dog over the spider I think we should look after the animals like we would want to be treated. 

One day still fresh in my memory. Beside a classroom at waimairi school where trees were bigger than their roots, a few children noticed a hedgehog. The little thing only trying to find shelter from the sun. Guess what they did next? They giggled then ran off coming back with a long sharp stick. Laughing, they taunted him. Then to my horror, the long stick came out. You'll never believe what she did next. Poke poke poke. She giggles then does it again. The poor thing was scared stiff to the bone. The whites of its eyes were nearly popping out. But the one thing that horrified me the most was that the hedgehog was alive. 

Have you ever heard of the illegal pet trade? Probably not. The illegal pet trade mainly happens in the Amazon jungle. With logging for paper and palm oil it is becoming an increasingly big problem to the animals. The adults get slaughtered  as the baby's animals are watching. Than the young baby  animals either become pets or are  left to die in the wild alone. Auckland zoo are trying to do something about this ongoing problem. When the orangutans are going to be released into the wild the specialists in the field of the  orangutans help prepare the young for their release. This is helping to save the endangered species as they are the slowest reproducing. If you saw a baby would you leave it to die? The choice is yours.

Another time when I was busy reading a book, my eyes  flickered over to the next page. It had a photo of thousands of birds. However they do this massive journey from the Himalayas all the way to India after the monsoons strike the Indian plains. It said in the paragraph that was underneath the picture there was a tribe that lived in the middle of India. The very center of the desert. It said that the tribe in the middle of India was spreading their precious grain on the ground for the animals, the food that they had was always scarce. But without the human help the cranes would find survival more difficult, on this long journey. So they treated animals the same as they would want to be treated. This is what we should do. 

As Martian Buder once quoted through his very lips, “an animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.” So you have the power to change this because the animals need us to respect them. As I say this speech as I stand on this very stage  things are being done. People are constantly joining causes to support and protect animals habitats. Respect an animal like you would want to be treated. How would you feel Now if I said there was a spider in your bed? Would you kill the spider Or Would you restore it to his habitats? 

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  1. Me when I first read this speech: OH NO THERE'S A SPIDER IN MAH BED!!!
    Me after I read this speech: aww, what a cutie-wutie wittle spider, wet's go outside.
    I really love this speech. When I finished it I was like, "OK COME ON WERE GONNA JOIN GREENPEACE!" But the illegal pet trade sounds awful! I feel disappointed in myself when I look back and remember whenever I squashed an ant. Why are some humans so mean!?!
    But anyways, I love your speech, I'm glad you got first place in the speech competition!


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