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Finding diamonds

Finding Diamonds 
We're are the diamonds 
By Lily-Grace

Characters file
Chapter 1 enclosed
Chapter 2 Stream of hope
chapter 3 Starfilly
chapter 4 the end 

Characters file
Rosa-young and adventures, 
Lila-a kid spirited girl who is the keeper of the books,
Violet-a butterfly a messenger through the books,
Emily- who is really into gossip,
Fang-who will stop at nothing to enclose the books from shaping worlds and destroy the keeper,
Marshmallow-a zooba Roses pet
Ameliorate:  a prisoner snake like
Queen: being controlled 
Starfluffy: loves helping Rosa and hates Ameliorate
Goldcloud: has fun flying the sky
snowpetal:  is gentle and loving but fierce in battle

When the world shines full the world folds and encloses into another story. Don't forget, it's very important to learn the ways, without a doubt, but only one in a hundred generations will experience it. With a different book it has happened before and it will happen again. But beware the world is dying at their feet.

Chapter 1 

Rosa clung closer to the rope, clinging for dear life.
“Get down from there!” shouted one.
“Don't let her escape! She's flying up the rope shake it”
Rosa stayed on hard, gasping for breath, holding on for dear life.
“If only I had a friend” whispered Rosa.
Lila sat engulfed in the book, flipping the pages one by one, getting more tempted by the second. What should happen to Rosa next?
Ring ring ring went off the phone.
“a phone call now of all times?”
Lila shut the book, Emily of all the times, drawing back her irritation 
“ hey Em what's up” 
“ I got some stuff to tell you”
“Not more gossip please please” but instead of showing her disappointment 
 she quickly talked “ hey I'm a bit busy now catch you later dropping behind on homework ahh bye”
As she opened the page a stairway big enough for maybe someone shrunken. Out of the shadows came a Violet vivid butterfly  
in a soft voice it called out “my name is Violet now uh oh yes Lila come with me to turf the land with Rose the hero she needs you” 
“But why me,” asked a confused Lila
“You are the keeper of the key survive this and Rose will grant you the land of the book.”
“Well I guess but what will mum say?” 
“Time freezes in your world no time would have gone by”
“I guess I could it would be nice to stop reading and actually achieve my dream to be part of the book”
As she hopped onto the butterflies back a great gust of wind swept her off 
“What is going on? are you meant to take me”
“Me of course not I am a messenger climb up the staircase”
The staircase was like a never ending bannister except you did not have the pleasures of going down you had the hard job of climbing up it reminded me of the time mum made us all climb to the top of this stupid thing called stairway to heaven where you got a magnificent view but the awful climb there was like over 360 steps don't make me start on how dreadful it was.
 As I entered the story I realized that it was starting from the beginning whoo hoo. Then the butterfly came back.
“Rosa is waiting for you at the oak tree her hid out”
As I ran through the park I noticed the fountain color was a chocolate brown with marshmallows on top and children drinking. The oaks were all red and the colors of their lives were pink with sugar and if you picked one off the ground it was all fresh and nice. The grass was purple high not low. Then the sky was a beautiful Hazel.
People stared at me and whispered But I didn't care the thrill of it all then I saw some aqua geese. I ran to Rosas tree it was the different color to the rest it had pretty Marrone leaves and a blue trunk. As I started I saw a beady-eyed weird creature give me eagle eyes. The huge creature was furry with two wings sticking out jagged mountains with a bunny tail. But the queerest thing of all was its eyes they were all misty. Did I mention he was the color chestnut and talons for feet? Now I want you to imagine a creature two meters tall towering over you. 
“I see you're admiring marshmallow”
“W w w what is that thing”
Her voice turned from soft and welcoming to sharp “thing for your information he is my pet a zooba could be the last of his kind poor little lass he's called Marshmallow”
“Your pet and it's called Marshmallow it's like massive”
“Oh it's nothing compared to the  zobaba” she said in a cheery voice.
Whoosh ting ting ting ting ting ting pong
“What did you just do”
“Oh only a couple forwards flip nothing much I'm Rosa and you're Lila welcome to my hid outcome marshmallow” 
“Uh question about marshmallow can he harm you know like kill any special qualities”
“No, not really”
“Except she does shoot out sleeping prisons don't worry they only put you in a freezing prison cavern which you can only escape from when she melts it with the mist and send you to sleep every time until the smoke boom appears and you're shocked for two days”
“Nothing much nothing much NOTHING MUCH”
“Cool off the taboos are worse”
As she saw my mouth curve 
she sharply snapped “no more questions come”
I was starting to see the girl's inner likings they weren't all good ones.
“Come I need to tell you something sit”  
At the exact same time, things were going in the castle…
The king walked into the throne room, in a stormy mood his face as dark as thunder.
“I want her found beyond no reason she is a kid A KID, find her and don't come back without her or else it'll be off with your heads”
“But your majesty you see Rosa is slippery and her pet…”
“SILENCE” Thundered the king
“Get out of my sight and don't come back without her” he snarled
Gulping they ran out in uneven numbers.
Rosa sighed
 “So it started with my dad he was the king's most loyal subject but when the king's wife could not have a child he became angry he grew jealous of my father who had just had me so he told my father that I was to be his princess my father refused so he killed him, burned the house to smithereens I still had my teddy bear at least. Then mum and I lived in secret at the age of two they found mum and me she went missing then I got scared and ran I was a coward. I escaped up the ladder and climbed up into this tree well really I tumbled down the slide and I met marshmallow’s family, actually well really I was walking the streets and the mother found me they looked after me and now we're best friends.”
“Don't be so hard on yourself you did well umm Rosa I'm so sorry Rosa it must have been hard on you to see that and lose everything.”
The girl's eyes were red as she looked up “you mean it you really really mean it?”
“Yes I do”
I didn't realize but that meant the world to her.
She looked at me “you wanna adventure? great”
Racing out with Marshmallow at her heels they crept into the castle me trundling just behind suddenly they jumped up to the banister with me leaping behind them, my hand slipped I nearly made it but then I felt the sensation of falling.
I'm going to die goodbye world I thought
Suddenly something came out of nowhere and I felt myself being lifted
The palace guards were everywhere in the market
 “they're coming”
 We raced to the basement there we sat surrounded by palace guards suddenly she threw a rope
“up here”
We scrambled up the rope to hear familiar words
“get down from there”
“Don't let her escape she's flying up the rope shake it”
 I could here Rosa panting her pet scrambled up the rope right behind us when we arrived at the top we found an opening a trapdoor? But Rosa did not have a hesitation, she just went diving in, I felt Rosa yank me up my body screamed oww. Marshmallow was slowly scrambling in but then he shrunk to pup size and had no trouble at all.
 The room was dark and musty but what was inside blew our minds. There was a silk bed with jugs and jars on a shelf, so many bookcases, an empty shelf and one beautiful desk. But Rosa noticed something else she nudged me
“These are the pearls that belonged to the people, their pearls it meant it was their gift to my mama and papa for looking after the land so well, everything I knew it was here it was my mums she was Tinandri..” Rosa trailed off
“Wait a sec this was our room we were there the note where is it?
Well she was babbling on I noticed a beautifully engraved word
There was something on the desk addressed to rosA
“Is this yours”

The note said this

Dear Rosa

The King will want you soon don't dawdle escape well you can find the stream of hope

Good luck 
The guardians of the land
mama papa

“They warned me about this but the stream of hope? I've never heard of such a place you've read the book Lila have you heard of it? Probably not wait for the stream of hope I know where that is, the tree But it's rarer than gold and as beautiful as saffrons they twinkle with diamonds.” 
But the Knights had other plans...
“Your majesty we have to err good news and bad news the good news is she is in the room you set up bad news is well the river hope we'll I hate to say it but opened”
“I thought I told you to close it forever COME” his voice was low and dangerous.
They followed ambling behind 
“Get in don't worry bout a thing it will be quick you have been awfully helpful my prisoner will be delighted I warned you to not come back without the princess and do your jobs probably you'll never see the full light of day again ova”  the cage was lowered he calked up to his study hearing the Crackle of bones the mercy cries of soldiers and the hiss of the delighted sissy he heard “thank you, King, sands's about time as we'll thank you we will rule soon or when I break out of this prison you'll be next to feel torture I want to rule sadness we both know it says. You're next sssssssssssss.” 
The girls to heard the Crackle of bones and the message but then they heard a small message to the queen “not long now my pet siss but beware of the one who walks between the worlds sssssb”
 “that's me” Lila was as white as a sheet. But she noticed rose was smiled awkwardly “well we brought you here for a reason of course.”
“I figured”

Chapter 2
Stream of hope

Rosa trapped something on her hand and we jumped out the window when we got to the house. Rosa galloped on ahead on the best Bombora a breed. I was on a clumpy another breed. Bombora had reptile skin with hooves and a lion mane his name was Bobby but he was also as hard as steel his eyes were bloodshot blue. On the other hands, clumpy was for beginners he had feathers and paws with purple eyes and buffalo horns he was called Mike. We raced through the dense bush. The ground shook as if in fear I saw it for a miller second blood red hot as this shook the ground like a world pool. Then my eyes widened saucepans millions of them all lined up. I heard a thousand sparkles than clank it was gone just gone an old river dried up. For the first time ever I saw marshmallow cry well marshmallow no longer I had nicknamed her sawtooth. You must think I'm absolutely crazy but no this was just another way. Rosa's voice seemed far away but I heard her squeal “follow the river oh no I knew she was the bookkeeper I just knew it”. My heart sank so what the butterfly had said was true. As we neared the river a stunned silence washed to my ears. Rosa sat there crying mumbling to herself. “It can't be there. Gone. They’re all gone.” 

My mind was confused what was gone then it hit me the diamonds. So what was happening why was it happening? Then all our questions were a answered. A man wearing a toque river blue jacket. Had diamonds impressed all over it?  no, it couldn't be, could it? but really could it or where the eyes just seeing things? they had to get a closer look but they must really fly, away as soon as possible. the thing that impressed her body she tossed carelessly at the jacket it landed perfectly slotting into the big picture of sparkles. Was it really real? 

The girls tumbled back to base scrambled but little did they know the sound of the snake was coming their way.  the girls planned how to get their hands on the jacket I mean they could be the real diamonds after all, right? the girls went racing back to the river than smack bang smack there it was the jacket. the girls studied it closely. Rosa shook her head and shut her eyes, no it couldn't be it was fake! Not true, But then an icy breeze startled them. The wind grew cold. it whistled into Lila’s face Rosa shivered intensely what had happened. both the girls wondered. but neither one dear say anything for fear of frost getting into their body. Rosa gasped Lila’s face had turned blue. Then a cake came from beneath them. oh, the wind hurled into their face. Rosa did not dare to look up there it was the blue coly shape. Everything her parents had fought to protect right here, right now was run. twisting around the cage. a tongue flickering in and out. a hold out of whirlwinds. suddenly the cold was gone but all they could see was the black wrongly scales of a monster. ready to lunge. then they heard the familiar voice they had heard when escaping the castle. except for this time, it was singsong, mocking, cursing and entertaining. Lila was knocked unconscious by this sudden heat. which left Rosa sitting there alone. listening to the taunt coming from the giant. after talking for far too long which to Rosa was a whole bunch of gibberish. Until she finally finished with. 
"if only Lila could save you but no she will be cast back to her own world where she belongs and there's nothing you can do about it, hmm you see I got the man named Fang to do it when the diamonds disappeared but where they are now is secret by the way my name is Ameliorate"
Rosa felt anger boil up inside her. 

Chapter 3 Starfluffy

The two cloaked figures snarled heading towards them. slowly holding on to the coats being hurried the entire way. as they came closer to the  secret fort, Lila came back to her senses. The fort was wisteria which Lila thought was weird I mean in other books the bad guy's forts are always Black or red. then she saw the most wonderful flash of blue nope just the snake slinking past. suddenly she saw Rosa tilting her head calling through an old wood pipe. a massive beast stalked us then poured out "nobody hurts the friend of snow petal!" It was a deep blue with white all around and a beautiful pink marking but you could see fury building up behind the Xanada eyes. whips of fur clogged off the body but he waited. he was about 6 meters high bigger the marshmallow. 
I quietly asked Rosa what the breed did Rosa quickly explained. 
"he's a Zoobaba they have laser cannons from their eyes when their angry but otherwise they control the wind and snow they like to make blizzards so argh yeah"
 Then Marshmallow came looking bolder angrier. snarling the serpent seemed unmoved. Together they looked undefeated but really they knew they had to wait. next came a beautiful bird wearing the most wonderful violet that sparkled in the moonlight. Except for its beak which was a deep rich warm fuzzy blue which was beautiful, feathers coming off its eyes shined gold. It swooped down in a singsong voice " get you paws off my friend Rosa and Lila for I am the great Goldcloud" she looked about 1 meter. Rosa saw my querying look saying quickly "this beauty is a wonder a toobaba one of the most deadly they create fire sparks they can go up to 50 miles and they always hit their target"
then along came to a deer thing but it had wings and flowers were a rowen it had Mahalia scent around its horns. I was about to ask a question when Rosa shushed me immediately it cried "Starfluffy my names the stars and the plants are my game I the guardian of the sky and the plants will protect my Helper Rosa from harming my bed, mine bred it unknown for I am a legend no longer HOW DARE YOU DISTURB MY SLEEP"  thundered Starfluffy.
"he just told me everything" Lila murmured astounded
"he likes to show off" Rosa grumbled

chapter 4

The five roared into action, Marshmallow went straight to Fang quoting his icy blast than he repeated the act with the queen. Than Starfluffy used his flowers to distract the serpent making the snake mad she slithered and gushed snapping and snarling at everyone, until Goldcloud struck her with the Sparks of hers in the heart. Snow petal a fiery canon surrounded her than a big blizzard. including Rosa but they won. Lila was stunned they were like action figures! Than it was over adventure complete. But then she noticed the keys mystical. She clicked her fingers and then the diamonds appeared. 
“Goodbye” lRosa smiled happily.
Then came a small bird named blossom took me to hop on his backside I did just like they promised. As my land disappeared I was whisked back to my bedroom. Than I looked at my book. It had a key and a note. In a familiar handwriting The note said…

Dear Lila

We'll done you saved turf! If you ever want to come back just use the key. Don't forget to visit. I mean all is well but We need you for friendship. It's better than your world and safer than in mine.

Rose, Marshmallow, star fluffy, gold cloud, and snow petal. 

All good times must end but the crinkles of my mouth smiled. Then I noticed a small cloth tucked into the letter there lay the scale of a snake and a precious Diamond. Than outside her house was a magnolia prix fixe magnolia tree.

The end

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  1. I really love this post, this really connects with my life, becasue I love going on adventures, and I see there is a lot of really cool adventures. I think you've stepped up from your old stories that you have wrote! I hope your other stories are as great as this one.


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