Thursday, 27 October 2016

Go hide

The teachers,
They start to explain the rules for about 
two trillion hours,
 Though it seems. 
The hot and stuffy classroom
Keeps us stuck.
“Ok are we clear with the rules now?” 
All the kids nod gleefully.
Alright then “ 3.. 2.. 1… go… but..” 
none of us hear the rest of her sentence,
we all stamp out the tiny classroom door, 
we all try to get out at once. 
We are literally oversized Elephants.  
Then, in the distance,
 when I'm finally outside 
I don't wait to hear the rest. 
The cool air,
Calms me.
I am hit back to reality,
Then I hear in the distance
“30 31 32”
I race off to the thick undergrowth. 
But where to hide??? 
Than a tree pulls me to it,
sings to me
 “Lily-Grace, come here, I've been waiting” 
without even thinking 
I scramble up into the tree’s towering branches.

The old cracked tree,
 waits to peck at my skin, 
should I move yet? 
No. Stay hidden.  
The green birdhouse is made of  wood,
and  the rope whips me,
How much longer? 
Stay dumb.
I hear the far off triumphant shouts of “found you!” 
Then the birds sing louder than ever, 
Shhhh you birds, you'll give me away, 
Don't breath.
The teachers stomp past,
 the bird house jumps, 
are the teachers blind? 
They are literally underneath me!
 If they look up I'm dead!  
Don't move.
I rivet my eyes to a nearby thorn bush, 
It lunges out at my hands trying to nibble them off, 
quiet, tuck and cover,
Shrink small.
My lucky walnut I always keep in my pocket, 
jumps into my skin, 
Curl up.
A twig cracks. My heart freezes,
My blood drains cold, 
They have heard it now,
I'm as dead as a door nail, 
Slide under the bird house. 

I hear the sound of a long whistle, 
My heart pounds as loud as an elephant, 
I can not see them, so they can't see me.
“Come out! You won!” the teachers call, 
as one by one the children slowly clamber out. 
Taking a deep breath,
All my courage,
 I climb down the tree.
 Then the realisation hit me. 
I prance back inside my  
My heart swelling with pride.


  1. Love the describing words and it feels like I'm sitting in the tree hiddening also.

  2. I really liked it when you said 'they start to explain the rules for two trillion hours' SO TRUE!!! And HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO WIN AT HIDE AND SEEK!? Ok, I can still shouting now. But anyway. I really enjoyed reading this! I shouldn't hidden in a tree. I hid behind a tree and when Mrs. Pageot nearly found me I just gave up and ran towards the classroom, screaming, "FOR NARNIIIIAAAAAA!!!!!" Typical, Naima, typical.


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