Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Storm dancer

 Storm dancer

The Meranda, the leader of the unknown star lunar force looked at their only water supply. It was drying up. The only river of water they had was becoming nothing more than a channel of mud.  Shaking her head she walked back to her home. She knew she must call a meeting. 

Sighing, she called up all the people of importance. When they arrived, she sang out.
“The river is drying up! The leaders we need are the bravest of our men to go and find some more.”   
A moan drifted around the room.
“Silence!” The queen called “I will summon up a few men to go find us more honeydew. With that, we will be able to restore water to our land.”
Latina stared at the queen, silently begging her to let her go, let her leave. She wanted to go into The Unknown off this planet more than anything in the world. But she still had her duties. She still had to keep watch to make sure there were no intruders. The Pegasu Deer, the pets of the land, shifted uneasily. Their ears pricked up. As the queen floated closer to the deer she explained the situation.

The queen noticed her gaze. 
‘Honeydew, how could you help?’ Questions whizzed through her head, a million at once. But her last thought was ‘my wings aren't ready.’ Still, the queen was asking her, so she must obey. She nodded glumly, they would learn. Doughty feelings filled her mind, cramming into every space. Pushing it aside, she took off. 

The moment her feet left the ground, the wind hit her full in her face. As Latina flew, the whole atmosphere loomed closer. She headed towards the known galaxy. Her wings curled around her protecting from the wind. For the first time in a while, the crinkles of her mouth smiled. Never had she felt so free. 

Suddenly other planets started to come into view, then on the great horizon, she saw the great disaster. A disaster that had killed so many. At home the planet was nice, but for the first time in her life she got a whiff of smoke. It was horrible, the waste, but still, she continued to fly. She shook herself. No more wings. She allowed her feet to lightly touch the ground. Her wings tucked away, invisible to the world. She was the world with no star lunas, but so many great mysteries to uncover, but could she wait that long?


The Storm dancer sighed. Her job was to only create storms for the land when they needed it most. Latina still hadn't returned. Sighing she clicked into the rhythms -  BOOM CLAP. The bagpipes started up. Waving her hands she flew through the darkening sky. Her wings shoot out and fluttered. It was now or never. The storm swallowed her up. The rain poured, the thunder crawled, the lightning hummed. But nothing was happening. They needed the nectar more than anything. Latina came scoring back. She purred then put the nectar down. They were saved. The Storm dancer came down, plummeting to earth. She sighed, then started walking back to the beautiful cottage of hers. Back to the families of deer the thing she loved the most.

The end

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