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Saving Summer

Saving summer:

By Lily-Grace and Gabby
Gabby's blog

Tiger -Lusa
Red panda-Luna
Falcon- Lena
Coyote/snow wolf- Crackle
Lioness -Abbey

Chapter 1: starvation
Chapter 2: where is everyone?
Chapter 3: what about me?
Chapter 4: together
Chapter 5: the task
Chapter 6: they will not win
Chapter 7: lies
Chapter 8: wind currents
Chapter 9: good work Lusa
Chapter 10: summer

“I feel the icy fingers of winter. On the crackle make no sound May starvation hold them down hear my call nice and loud. Hold on to my icy grasp. Wail out for fresh nice grass. Many animals not be seen and heard. Make me the queen of the Savannah. Now listen to my coyote song may the world thrive no long. Now hold on to this icy song make it winter all day long!! Give revenge to those from long ago mum and dad what a cheat one a snow wolf the other a trixter of the wind that made me be teased to their heart's content. I want revenge now I want revenge for all of them HA HA HA HA. Songs of winter pick up your icy ears and make me the queen of the savannah. I am your creature your servant strong.”
His cackle went up to the heavens winter had begun. Once the disappearance is complete I gave my deafening howl of triumphant which will be the last animal noise they hear for a long long time.

Chapter 1

There is a frisky feeling in my throat as I wind through the forest my tail drags behind me making a big and long trail. I feel lonely and hungry. I hear the leafs underneath me cracking my world could come to an end any day now.
The grass has a touch of feeling I don't feel it as a happy though I feel it as a bad feeling. I think of the old days, then think of what it is now I wish I could go back to the past. I starve and starve I have nothing to eat my paws are freezing cold and I feel like I have blisters. Is this how it is I guess it is I'm going to do something before it all ends.
I don't know if animals still exist I can't hear or see any. A frisky feeling goes down my spine as my fur shivers my eyes are fixed to a berry bush. Which should be full but instead lies empty. I see something rustling in the bush I don't bother to look I knew it's just a possum or a squirrel.
Has heaven came down may I be dreaming does God know that that's happening, please. The silence is dead may the birds fly away alone yes me I'm alone any hope I starve with nothing to eat. It's winter I need to find shelter food and things to keep me warm. I also need to find hope may my parents still be out there somewhere.
May this be the end today my food well the food is nowhere. All the fruit is gone plants everything no river to drink from. I am only small but very strong. I go and seek glory but there's nothing out there for me so I just stayed out of it.
My Mum once told me that whatever I did I would do it in fame and proudness and never give up even if it is truly hard. I listened to what she had said ever since now. But I might have to give up now so I have to break a promise.
Just this once I write letters to my family and friends but every letter I've sent there's never been a reply. So I just should give up I should've given up by now and let the world go on without me.
Why has it came to this all I can feel is starvation I need food I haven't had food since forever. It feels like I've faded away and I'm not apart of this world. Because of every once and again my world goes black. I have a dream and I'll tell you it's to find hope. It feels like I've been split apart from everyone even everything.
I see the mist over the mountains snow covers the tops the pine trees rustle in the wind. I should have a better life than this I want to start again.
I just need food I'm starving I can't even stand my own breath now. Walking through the forest the path leads me it just keeps going. It never stops any cut offs no signs anywhere.
I only know what to do because my Mum has told me about the forest. When will she come back how did I lose her what happened why isn't she coming back?
I see leaves falling slowly down they swoosh around in the wind. All that my stomach needs is food my stomach hurts.
I walk slowly through the forest all I am thinking in my head is. I need food I need food now-now-now. But the trees and bushes stand empty. The forest is just dead silence. I trampled over holes and stones. I saw something rustling in the bush what was it I thought. I walked closer and closer.

Chapter 2
Where is everyone?


I swore through the air where are the other birds? I haven't seen one in moons.
It's all very confusing as it should be summer now in fact the sun was out not a cloud in the sky then a winter storm appeared from nowhere why am I alone no one else is here.
The order of the animals is so strange I feel stupid first storm brews then at the end of it the fish had disappeared. Then there go the forest animals I was stalking a mouse and bam it just disappeared before my eyes I could almost swear it was magic. Then finally the birds leave and nothing is left of the animals but then it gets worse. You see at first no one was very bothered as there were still the plants we could use for food. But then the trees leaves fruit vegetables all of it just goes and the trees are bare they look like a beer animal.
Then a mist covers the land and the last animal noise I hear is a strange howl almost a coyote but not quite and when the mist is over the mountains is covered in mist.
As I fly over the misty mountains which were a wonderful place when I was younger. Which seemed to be the biggest paradise I would ever know. But now I seem to know that I have been completely blinded to the world outside there's no longer any animals like there should be. As I explained before it was magic.
But what really gets me is that even the humans have disappeared they are always taking some stupid deer or another easy animal that goes missing and never comes back. In other words that the humans steal off from us. I finally once again feel the weight of my wings. My belly rumbles when was the last time I had food?
‘I have to rest but what about big predators they could eat me my sensors would fail and I would end up a meal.” I quietly murmur to myself.
But what about in the mountains no one can see me there. I silently swoop down in the fastest dive I can BEST FUN IN AGES!!!!!!!!! Then I steady myself just as I am about to hit the ground and go along one of the old falcon secret trails that were almost all but forgotten.
As I flew down the silence it finally came to me the daunting silence you would think on a usual daily basis it was wonderful but it was almost scary now for me all alone. I felt a slight emptiness inside myself as I remembered the last words my mamilla had said  before she left this world forever when her life just slipped
“promise me one thing Lena  you will never give up but always be that courageous girl I know you are and hold onto life. But never ever forget me please I am begging you” the tears in her eyes I vividly remembered
“of course, mamilla, I won't, in fact, I will always believe in the spirit trail of you.
As I flew the image of Lusa the tiger and her bold spirit who had the heart of a lioness oh how I missed her if only she was here to comfort me now.
“I will never forget you and I will always remember you if you can hear this remember me.” As I entered the foot of the cave I folded my wings and went into a well-deserved rest!

Chapter 3
What about me

I got up from the cave from my restful sleep the last thing I remember is my falcon friend disappearing I could swear she was next to me I remember calling out what about me she disappeared just like my parents. Then a strange howl it was close by so I ran up to it and nothing was there. It's like the wind pushed her away from me. I know what's going on now it's all weird and Lena knows what's going on she must she is so smart.
I walk around thinking what's going to happen next and my friend falcon would never fail me. Even if she messed things up she would own up and try to fix it. It's dark but I'm not sleeping anymore never.
“Lusa Lusa it's ok I know how much you love them,” Lena said in a silky soft voice.
“Ok thanks, I will try to set my mind of them,” Lusa said worriedly.
Lusa lay down. Lena wrapped her wings around herself and went to sleep it was a long night for Lusa. It felt like she was there but she wasn't.
Her voice was seeping through her mind of those nights when her mum and dad had disappeared those were the words she said but now they meant nothing. How she missed her boisterous friend.
It was morning the ice was shining brightly it Reflected on everything. The sun was shining so bright through the snow in my eyes. But it didn't make me happy it reminded me on how my parents had left all those years ago. The old memory flashed back to me
“Yes mama”
“we must go”
“where to mama”
“not you me and your father something is coming up that we do not want to be part of”
“what about me?”
“Goodbye dear you will become a legend we hope to meet again”
and with a kiss they had run off together into the distance and the last words, I cried where
“MAMA wait for me don't forget me what about me?”
I had run after her parents wailing it again and again but they had disappeared into the blue. That was when I had met Lena who was a great comfort for she understood my loss as she had lost her mama or as she called her mamilla. I shook herself of the thought, I must not think of the past It would poison my future or worse she would be one of those lost souls to wander with their nose in the past oh no not me no way.
“But if only if only Lena was here if only” signing
I looked up at the empty oaks no longer standing tall and proud
“you're not the only one suffering my friend you are not alone”.
Her thought trailed back to the day then she looked down at the now burnt path. Why do I smell smoke
“WAIT WHAT Smoke”!
I looked behind me at the roaring flames sat around the old oak I had just talked to. I had to out run before I  was part of the fire too. I shouted to the wind
“I'm sorry my old friend but I cannot save you.”
With that, I ran about ten kilometers and skidded into a bush.

Chapter 4

Something jumped out it was a Tiger.
“Hello I'm Lusa what's your name,” Lusa said happily finally she had company
“um I'm Luna and as you see I'm a red panda and I'm guessing you're a tiger” Luna offered am I correct.
“yes that's right have you by any chance seen a falcon?”
“Nope why”
Lusa went sighing with disappointment “doesn't matter”
“now I come to think of it there was one soaring over the mountains”
“let's go find her”
“what you mean you're not going to eat me?”
“No Come on I have to find my friend”
“But I thought we were friends well if we aren't then I'll just go”
“No, we are come on”
As they trekked up the long narrow mountains it became mistier and mistier what should I talk about to her, friend no she is already anxious enough it would just make her worry even more. Finally, the long awkward silence was broken.
“I know the old falcon trails she always talked about”
I noticed that the tiger no longer looked determined but wistful thoughtful and almost worried. What comfort could she give the answer zero nothing? Suddenly the tigress bounded over to the entrance of a dark gloomy cave and peered in hard but I could tell she did not trust her eyesight.
“She's in here I can sense her close by fast asleep my friend my old friend”
“Ahh question tell me we don't have to go in there and will she eat me,” I asked in such a meek voice she gave me a mixed look of annoyance and irritation.
“Well in answer to your questions she does not eat red panda she eats fish and deer and yes we will be going in there ok”
before I could ask my second question she carried on
“because that is where she is”
I did not answer as I could tell she was already annoyed enough I heard a falcon squawk  
“Lusa is that you? It is Lusa I am sorry oh how I have missed you”
As  we walked closer she saw me I saw her quizzical look
“I'm Luna the red panda her friend”
“Ok nice to meet you I am Lena the falcon.”

Chapter 5

As we walked out of the cave there was a knot in my stomach how was this a way to reunite? As we walked out of the cave I was blinded by daylight. I'm just sitting down looking around me it's frosty outside. Lena is just sitting on a branch.
“Which day is it,” Luna asked confused.
“Tuesday” Lena answered considerably.
Lena flew down from the tree.
“Did you hear that?” Lena said worriedly
“no what”
I heard a shout behind me in shock and surprise standing before me was a beautiful snowy owl with seven strips, one the most sparkling gleaming white ever, the next a dark vivid red, then a green stifled to a nice shade, almost straight after your eyes saw a brown, than orange, but then you saw a waiver of blue as deep and as beautiful as the ocean and finally a lived purple.
Before any of us could say anything she started
“My name is Eva I'm sure you have heard of the four guardians well I am the guardian of winter a coyote and snow wolf a mixed breed named Crackle tricked me into making it eternal winter and only you can stop it here is the thing you must do head north when you reach the mountains I will give you the next instruction.”
And with that she dissolved right before our very eyes we stared in amazement
We were utterly stunned with amazement
I was the first to break the silence.
“Never in all my years of life never have I once meet a guardian or an owl in my life”
Luna butted in “anyway I thought owls were nocturnal”
“Well I guess usually, they would but she is a guardian to watch over winter and the other seasons” Lena offered.
“Well who cares Should we get going,” I asked starting to feel irritated
I was answered by the sneaky Luna “well I can't believe how well this is working out  nobody is going to eat me and I have made new friends and well I meet a bird an owl my first bird!”
She was answered by a very very very angry falcon “if you hadn't noticed I AM A BIRD and I DO NOT EAT RED PANDAS”
“Oops sorry,” she said turning shy
“Ok I am sorry to”
as they were about to start up again I quickly cut in
“it's er getting late umm let's go to bed”
We snuggled up into the comforting arms of a tree.

Chapter 6
They will not win

“How How did the owl find out how they'll kill my plans I have to be the queen of the savannah” with a howl of anger and lies she sat down to think.
I am furious at her does she even know what she's doing. I am in shock Lena and her little gang Lusa and Luna the traitor. I have never felt like the times before when something happened. When I was a little girl when something happened. But I don't want to talk about it. I have anger built inside my body and I try not to let it out. I am pale I need some revenge my heart jumps up and down. I hear something from behind me. I look behind me it's Lena.
“Lena hello it's been a long time,” I said my voice was built in with a vengeance.
“Hello why has it took you so long why did you create an eternal winter”
Suddenly my attention turned to Luna there was a light in my eyes then I saw it the sister of the wind spirit.
“hello what's your business here,” Lusa said
“This is my den you're the daughter of the wind spirit, ” I said gruffly
“oh me the sister of the wind spirit I have come for you,”  the small fluffy furball said in the most polite way ever imagined.
“Who me,” Lena asked
“no Luna”
I decided to let them past so gritting my teeth  
I chimed “I'm sorry for slowing you down good day.”
And with that, I watched my greatest enemy leave into the distance.
I started to pace
“What to do what to do”
it struck but only time will tell I could just make them out in the distance.

Chapter 7

My eyes filled with a vengeance as they disappeared into the distance they were going far too fast. It left me one chose a time to call on the wind spirit except there was one problem Luna her sister looked down on her younger sibling with such love and care. but then the thought struck me I would know it was a trick time to do the oldest trick in the book I struck up at the small song
I knew I would only have one chance to get Lena away from the group
“I have only one shot why to wait all day?”
“Glorious wind spirit child of youth your name your true name bint alraiha meaning daughter of the wind which I am sure you are aware of I mean your dear beautiful Luna is by far conjured your beauty and she has some control of the wind but will gain the power when you feel the wind in your face. Which you never will but I have one small task I need a wind fast and hard so that I can feel it I don't know if I told you but I love the wind on my face for a hour or two would you be most kind and send a hmm rapid or two strong so maybe well maybe I will enjoy it so much I will feel true” as I finished I felt the glorious satisfaction I had when I had tricked the owl.
Suddenly the winds picked up and I slinked back into my cave and gave my vicious howl of triumph.
“Soon not long now soon I would be the queen of the savannah Ewww!”

Chapter 8
Wind currents

The winds picked up I could feel it but why then it came to me I felt anger surging up
“Crackle the trickster the lair of lies the anger of hope the balance of truth this is yours and yours alone you're doing you tricked Oma the wind spirit.”

“Don't please don't Crackle please stop I'm getting dragged down pull me back up. It's too strong what's going to happen if I let go?”

I gripped onto the tree the wind pulled me back. I felt something grip onto my warm coat full of my glorious array of perfectly lined feathers. The wind stopped at once who was it… LUSA she saved me.

“Lusa you saved me you're the best thanks,” Lena said surprised.

“The pleasure is yours”.

I flew down lower next to Lusa as I made a trail behind me. A flicker of light shined in the sky.

“Look did you see that,” Lena said

“what were,” Lusa said confused.

The light flickered in the sky again.

“I saw it,” Lusa said.
“Hello, it's me Oma the small fawn daughter of the wind like Eva the owl Crackle tricked me,”  Oma said.

Hanging her head in shame  ‘I'm just a threat to your mission I don't deserve this role.” The small Luna stepped forwards

“sister why do you cry over your mistakes, hang your head in shame when you feel all hope is lost, shy from the world and cower like a dog when you're scared to be that strong wise girl inside you who knows herself let the torrents mistakes and midlines not lend you down but pick you up on your feet and learn to open your offSpring hold onto the words be corsages Oma be it you just show it be it.”

Oma smiled “your wise young one’
and with that, she left

Chapter 9
Good work Lusa

I woke up from my restful sleep. My eyes felt calm and supply. Oma was asleep in the cave what she left. I jumped down from my rock.
“Oma-oma” I whispered Oma started groaning.
“I thought you left,” I said
“no no ” Oma sighed.
“There's a spirit and I'm staring right at her” Oma said.
“Who me no not me,” Lusa said in amazement.
“You're the spirit of wisdom don't you know,” Oma said.
Oma Got up on hind legs.
“Who's the spirit?”
Oma looks down then
“it's shining,” I said
Omas eyes looked straight there. I ran what was it my eyes were fixed on it I picked it up it was a… GEMSTONE. It was green
“Oma Oma come has a look at this,” Lusa said.
“The gemstone of transportation,” Oma said.
“Could this transportation led us to the top of the mountain?” Lusa asked
“Yes yes but we only get to use the gem once,” Oma said.
“Let's do it,” Lusa said.
Oma held the gemstone out in front of the mountain. But Crackle came from nowhere said something to the gemstone. Eva flew down and grabbed Crackle by her talons. I was in this black hole we see flying through time. Finally, I found myself on top of the mountain but Eva wasn't there. I felt a rush go up my spine I started to shiver. Crackle must've done something to the gemstone. I looked down at the forest Eva was nowhere.

Chapter 10
As we neared the mountains
with Luna on my back screaming “I can fly I can feel the wind in my face”
Crackle was waiting tied up and howling sobbing “I was meant to be queen of the Savannah I was going to win it was all perfect”
“Silence” roared a lioness coming out from the shadows
beside her skipped Oma then Eva flying low
“I am the guardian of summer I thank you for bringing crackle here” The lion spoke
“We have one small request as Crackle needs to be taught will you please Lusa”
“Well I guess it is my duty so yeah”
So she took Crackle and taught him, love.
Meanwhile, the sprints talked
“Now that Crackle is dealt with to get rid of winter”
Eva started “Snow slow rain go hold back winter I command no more icy snow”
“Wind clouds move along and make winter to summer we'll let the winds be”
“now let the next season swing Abbey's season nice and ring a summer song!”
The sprints went back to their home of caverns. Crackle became good strong and a kind hearted friend but I'm afraid he never learned.
Lena took to the sky to let her spirit sing and when not flying on the wing she still let her spirit sing.
As for Lusa, she learned the ways to make them pass her days.
Oh and we can't forget cute ball of fluff Luna learned not to much, she learnt how to ride the wind on the back of a falcon friend, Lusa made her learn how to be a corsages heart and each night when Luna goes to bed oh such images filled her head, fires, fairies, glow worms, dragons her imagination still sings. To she Let them led her through but still a kind thoughtful friend to be true to the very end.

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