Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The legend of the deer.

Her soft button-like nose feels a tinge of heaviness as she dozes off, longing for a cuddle. Her long back is slender. It travels down to her dainty tail which is chipped like a tea cup, cascading down to her devilish hooves.

Her burning grey eyes have a tinge of gold embers, and gaze into her masters back. Her mission to escape is still at stage one. The crawling legs stiffen and rise like a white wonderland of a quiet winter dawn.  Her head twirls from left to right.

Her soft furry ears are stroked by her stable hand as he silently sneaks a sugar lump into her mouth as he starts murmuring. Her heart glows a warm fuzzy lights. The glowing ember eyes are disappointed as her masters back comes in to view. She can not bear the look he is giving her that burns harshly. But she dare not drop her gaze. Dare not give him power.

She stamps the ground furiously. The wild way pricks at her skin, calling her to touch the moon, to reach her heart just like it used to. Before the brick wall blocked her from her untamed soul. The blizzard that almost gobbles her up, leaves her disoriented. Then takes her to the traitorous world of men. She feels her eyes closing to a nice relaxed sleep.

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