Sunday, 26 March 2017

Where am I on the rubric?

I feel I am on a extended abstract level because I sometimes, play with younger children, who have no one to play with. I have also picked up rubbish and helped other children with writing, reading, and maths. Most of the time I am a helpful bystander. Sometimes I will lead the way, directing myself and others. I rise up against anything that might harm environment as I love it. I have not littered once in my life. Unfortunately I focus so much on academics, I don't really play with others. I would much rather be outside being a responsible citizen and playing with friends.

I feel sometimes I go back a lot in the rubric. The main reason for this is because I seem to have become increasingly rude with my attitude. Doing things like snippy back talks when I shouldn't. The people I am doing this to the most is by far my teachers. I need to definitely lose this impulsive attitude. Quickly before there are some major consequences.

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  1. Know your strengths and weakness and improve. Also enjoy the now.


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