Wednesday, 15 March 2017

What I am on the inside.

I am a blue Mini Cooper,
Being towered over by the big trucks,
Traveling slowly up the mountains,
And swooping down there valleys.
I am a cosy music closet,
Listening to the sound of the piano,
Tucked away with too many notes,
Trying to make shape of the squiggles.
I am the winds soothing breath,
Calming your fears,
Swishing the dancing golden leaves.
I am a passionate passion fruit,
Ready to share my passions,
with the world.
I am broccoli soup,
That looks fierce on the outside,
But is honey warming on the inside.
I am an odd pair of socks
Never quite agreeing with the world

I am Lily-Grace
Ko Lily-Grace ahau


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