Sunday, 9 April 2017

my inquiry project

My project was to be a responsible pet owner, we made a video on how to look after chickens because not everyone knows. Teaching people how to feed them and how to stop mites. I did the chicken project with Ruby, Gabz and Lila did the filming but were in a different group.

I feel I am at a relational level, because I know what to do and why, but sometimes I got a little stuck on my project so my buddy had to help me. I started at unistructural because I did not know what to do. My partner Ruby always had my back because I just wanted to be told how to do it. Ruby told me to look up about chicken toys. A second strategy was to ask the teacher about what to improve on next. The third strategy was to get Lila and Gabz to help us film, because we found it hard to talk and film ourselves. The fourth strategy was searching things up on the internet such as why chickens need to play, what they eat and the shelter that is required. Now I know why and what I am doing. I am close to extended abstract, because we seeked feedback and we are presenting our project tomorrow.

I'm proud of how me and Ruby compromised, because at one point we disagreed about how to share our learning, but we worked our way around it and we came out with a better project on iMovie then ever. I am also proud that I managed to get feedback without getting upset.

My next step is to keep getting feed back on seeking critique because I can not always manage to not cry, I also will be presenting to a class soon.

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