Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Science journal 1

My science..
day 1 week 1 10:44 to be perfectly correct finishing at time 11:24
Date 2/5/2017-22/5/17
Term 2 day 1

Slimming Mr Anderson:
When we slimmed Mr Anderson, it was a gooey mess. I was there in the morning but I unfortunately could not make it. When I later looked at the slime in my opinion it was a massive gooey mess. The smell was like dog poo and it looked like vomit or a contagious disease. When ours went down Mr Anderson it first was slow and then went out in a big clump. I did not really enjoy this experiment because when the other classes poured there's out poor Mr Anderson looked like a multicolored Unicorn. Except he was missing the horn. I was at relational because I knew what to do but am not ready to teach yet.

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