Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Science journal week 4

My science...
day 4 week 4 8:87am  to be perfectly correct finishing at time 12:12
Date 9/6/17
Term 2 day 4
Week 4: Trebuchet

This week we have been learning about the trebuchet. The trebuchet is basically a catapult. It was super cool because I could see it in action. I had one problem, the problem is that I did not find I could really get involved.
I think this is how the trebuchet works…
 You put in the weights,
Then you get everything safe and keep everyone in a safe zone,
Then you pull the trigger and bam the balls off.
The forces acting on the trebuchet is, Gravity because it keeps the trebuchet from floating into space, along with the normal force which stops the trebuchet and everyone sinking down. Also, wind resistance as it goes in the opposite direction. There is also Drag which drags the ball in the air and brings it back down to what we name Earth.
I wonder why it goes further with the weights in it? I wonder how you get the trebuchet working as well? Can you make it go further using a different material to weights?

 I feel I am slowly improving on teaching. I am hanging between relational and extended abstract for observing and data gathering because I don't want to teach people yet. Also for inferencing I am still relational because when we are reading I always read ahead and do not infer, well I guess that's because I am a bookworm.

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