Sunday, 2 July 2017

Science journal 7

Science journal 7✈️
Day 1 week 10 2:17 to be perfectly correct finishing at time 9:53
Date 3/7/17

This week we were making Vortex wings. We had to do lots of folding in other words origami. I did some experiments such as cutting holes adding cardboard and tissue paper. Mine flew down in 1 second and 56 miller seconds so nearly 2 seconds. We had to make a paper Vortex wing. Mine looked like a boat but it flew in a way and dropped down straight away. So it did what it was supposed to do anyway. I think the forces were working because the Vortex Wing was gliding and dropping. It worked better outside because it had wind. The reason we had to do this was because the teacher wanted us to keep learning and discussing. What would happen if you put cardboard or the top so air could not rush out? Would it have a major difference in air?

My learning is still between relational and extended abstract for both observing and interpreting data. I think the reason I am not moving on is because  I need to learn how to work well with lots of people and not just my friends.

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