Thursday, 7 September 2017

Consider for a moment

What makes you wanna give up? Consider for a moment. Is it when you don't get your maths badge project signed off because you’re missing one part of it? Most people will find themselves doing one, of three things. The first reaction is when you feel the urge to keep trying over and over this is good for perseverance, but it won't get you anywhere because, sometimes it is okay to ask for help. The second reaction is asking someone for help. “Excuse me Miss Pageot I don't understand this maths question can you help me?” Or maybe you just feel like the floor should swallow you whole, because you are not very good at dealing with feedback. THE LAST ONE IS DEFINITELY ME!

Grit, Resilience and determination is hard we all know this. But it is important because we need challenges for our brain to grow poof.  It's also worth it. You may practice for months for a horse riding competition and you win. Or in exams, you have the chance to get Distinction or A+. There will be tears. You can not just piggy back and relax, because you won't get anything done. In the end it's worth it.

My struggle is swimming, I may be able to keep my balance on land but on water, my legs sink like massive chains are attached to them! I sometimes manage to swim laps most of the time I slowly sink. Hopefully, by practising all types of swimming, I can swim myself to shore if I fall over a boat!

 When someone you love passes away you feel all the determination detonate. But you somehow gotta find the inspiration to come back to have some unknown grit. I know there will be many tears but in the end, if you have friends and family who are there for you you can make it. I know about this because my grandmother passed away, but my parents helped me get through my tears and sadness.

When I remember my grandmother she has a ever lasting memory in my mind. I find I can get through this when I have persevere and have some resilience,  I read other people's stories on resilience and success. This helps me.
I remember reading a book called hope in a ballet shoe. Which was about  a girl whose life was perfect until the war began in Africa.  In a orphanage she saw a magazine, the magazine had a ballet shoe on it. A big setback she faced was that she had a problem with her eyes, she was going blind. but she overcame it and she's now in an international ballet company. It is a true story.

Unfortunately, I believe grit, determination and resilience can not be taught it comes through something we all hate, bad experiences. The quote from Pinterest, “I am too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful, and too determined to be defeated.” This really resonates with me, because it is saying I can do anything and everything.
So next time something makes you wanna give up what are you going to do about it?
Consider for a moment are you going to give up, or give grit.

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Consider for a moment

What makes you wanna give up? Consider for a moment. Is it when you don't get your maths badge project signed off because you’re missing...